What's it Like to Live in North Proctor?

Living in the North Proctor District of Tacoma is much like living in a classic fifties neighborhood. The picturesque streets are quaint and lined with beautiful trees. There are tons of locally owned businesses and the streets are very walkable with many historical homes to view along the way, all giving the neighborhood a lot of character.What's it like to live in North Proctor

There are many well-maintained parks here for the whole family to enjoy! The neighborhood has a strong sense of community. Living here is desirable and convenient. However, because it's desirable and convenient, prices can be higher than other areas. Everyone wants to live in North Proctor, and for good reason, so there is always a healthy competition for available properties.

There are fun community events such as the Pierce County Junior Daffodil Parade, Farmer's Market, Arts Fest. 

If you're a foodie, you'll love all the choices!  The food and atmosphere can't be beat!

Grocery shopping is not a chore when done at Metropolitan Market or Safeway. Plus there are many other places to shop for clothing, gifts – you name it!

Interesting fact:   one of the last full service gas stations on the planet exists here in North Proctor. It's the Shell Service Station on N 26th & Stevens. For a little extra a gallon, they'll wash your windows, check your fluids and put air in your tires as well as fill your tank! image byBen Brooks Flickr Commons

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