Good Advice for Tacoma Home Buyers and Sellers

This is a unique market we are currently in and a challenging one for both buyers and sellers. Buyers are finding themselves struggling to win at bidding wars against cash offers and sellers are weighing the cost of multiple offers.

So how can sellers benefit?

Try and set your price as close to market value.  If you ask a high price you may risk sitting on the market longer than you wish; too low and you may not end up with the amount you were hoping for.  As always, choose a broker you like and respect so working with him or her will be a great experience.


What can buyers do?

You can win in a bidding war but it’s not easy. If you’re going up against cash offers and investors, simple homebuyers may find it challenging to win but you’ll want to offer the maximum price you’d ever be willing to pay and if someone outbid you know that there may be a home better suited for you. Sellers will not always look at the money either. Just because an offer is cash doesn’t mean that all the terms fit the seller’s needs. If there’s too many contingencies or addenda they may find a financed offer, even for less, meets their terms better.

According to Mary Beth Harrison, a Realtor in Dallas, “Give the seller some breathing room too. Buyers often signal their interest by offering to close quickly, but that move might backfire in this market: If the sellers haven't found a new place yet, they may be unable to accept your offer.

Instead, propose a seller's residential lease. You close on the house quickly, then rent it back for 60 or 90 days. That gives the sellers a chance to look for a home in a nonpanicked way -- and gets you the house you want.” - CNN

Again, one of the biggest things we can tell our sellers and buyers is to make sure they have either a listing agent or a buyer’s agent that’s dedicated to working on their behalf for their budget. Call us and let’s get started looking or selling your Tacoma home or real estate today.

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